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Aug 1, 2011
Does an iPad bought from Amazon UK qualify for the same 1 year warranty offered when bought from the Apple store? If it broke would I be able to take it into the Apple store (within the warranty time) or is this something withheld for Apple product purchases only bought with themselves?

Just curious as I have a £100 Amazon gift voucher, however if the warranty issue is different then I would rather just buy from Apple directly.

Thanks for the help guys.


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Mar 16, 2005
Yes, Apple warranty does seem to work everywhere. However I did once buy an iPod Touch cheaply online in the UK (not from Amazon) and the serial number wasn't recognised by Apple - meaning that it must have been declared 'dead' at some point yet was partly revived enough to sell it to me. (It still works great but it took me several days to completely revive it)

I'd probably stay away from the extended Amazon market as I've had used items sold to me as new from some resellers.

iPad2's fulfilled by Amazon are around £323, whilst just for comparison Refurb has iPad3's for £359, (the refurbs are always excellent quality and value)


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Mar 9, 2012
AFAIK Amazon UK do not sell ipads.
Resellers on the Amazon UK website do though - but you are not buying from Amazon.#

Fullfilled by Amazon is not the same as buying from Amazon - it is just that they store and ship it to you... the reseller sources the goods (which may or may not) be pukka.

I never understood why Amazon UK stocked some Apple products but not others.
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