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    Hey all -

    For my birthday yesterday, I received a new iPad. My question is that I have a iMac(mine) and another iPad(my wife) that share the same Apple ID. Can I still use my current apple id to log onto all three? or do i need another ID? Also, will there be any conflicts when it comes to downloading apps or the synching of calendars? I would like for the two ipads to share calendars and thats it. I do not want to get my wifes emails, nor do I want her to get mine. I also want my Imac calendar to sync with all iPads. Will that be a problem? Any and all feedback is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,
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    You can. but if you are using the same id for icloud, messages, facetime you will get data merging and criss crossing. Which means your contacts and your wifes will be mixed in together, same with calendars, etc.

    The best move is share an ID for apps, music etc (the buying things) but separate ones for the rest. who gets to keep the current one should be whose email it is. the other person can create a free icloud id just for that other stuff or set up an existing email as an id.

    And then for the iMac look into how to set up a shared calendar. One of you might be barred from editing/adding on your device but at least you can see it.

    on the email front you might have no worries. You'd have to sign into the accounts on both devices which is separate from icloud if you aren't using an icloud email address (ie mac.com, me.com or icloud.com). If that's the only thing you are worried about merging and don't care about contacts and calendars then use the same icloud id and set up separate for facetime and messages
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    One way to share calendars on an iPad, is that an iPad can be signed in to more than one iCloud account. The main iCloud account is set up under iCloud, but you can add secondary iCloud accounts under "Mail, Contacts, Calendar." So what you would do is set up husband@icloud.com as your main iCloud account, then add wife@iCloud.com under "Mail, Contacts, Calendar." Then you turn off everything that you don't want to share. Do the reverse on your wife's iPad, and you can see each other's calendars, and if necessary, add to or edit each other's calendars, too. I also find it convenient to share reminders this way, as you can "send” each other reminders.

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