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    Does Apple have a solution for using the iPad to view and work with photos stored on your local network? I would like to centralize all my photos using a hard drive connected to an Apple extreme. Then use my iPad to view or edit photos. Obviously I would have to have a MacBook in the mix to upload photos to the share.

    Is this possible?
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    Not Apple, but you can do this with the Mylio app (need OS and iOS versions). Your originals reside on your hard drive and you view or edit either preview versions OR originals (your choice and doesn't have to be all or nothing as you can select which full size originals, if any, are synced to your iPad).

    The original setup would be on your MacBook and then you'd sync to your iPad and future syncs occur whenever the app is open on both your MacBook and iPad. I work with my originals on an external drive at my studio (where my laptop normally resides) and access, edit, catalogue, etc previews on my iPad (and thumbnails on my iPhone.) Preview size is about 1 Mb, and fine for exporting for presentations, etc.

    You can also sync your originals to cloud storage as an extra backup. I don't do this. :) so you'll have to explore this at the Mylio website. (I just have my external drive and Crash Plan backups).

    I use Mylio as my Aperture replacement for photo management and editing.


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