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Discussion in 'iPad' started by mdk023, Nov 28, 2011.

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    Nov 28, 2011
    I am debating between purchasing a 16gb or a 32gb iPad. I already have a MacBook, Time capsule, iPod, and iPhone 4s (32g). I mainly want to use the iPad for magazines (such as Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Vanity Fair, Elle, etc.). I hate having magazines sit around and take up space. Just like a paper edition, I usually pass my copies on to friends or recycle them. I don't really intend to store every issue of every magazine because I do not think that would be practical (or possible). I know I will install some apps as well. I am not a huge gamer, so things like Angry Birds, etc. I have tried to do some research about how much memory magazines use, and I haven't found much. I saw a post that said 100 MB. I saw others that said 300-800. (I know it depends on what magazine it is, but I'm looking at the types of magazines I previously mentioned.) I know music, movies, and pictures take up the most memory, and I do not intend to use my iPad to store those things. I heard that you should buy whatever you are able to afford; however, I spoke with a salesperon who was adamant that 16GB would be more than sufficient. I also know that only about 13GB of those 16 are open for use. I currently have 25.8 GB on my phone (I haven't had much time to experiment with apps and things since I got it). I am an just an "average girl," and I would really appreciate some help!

    So I guess my overall questions are:
    1) How much storage does a typical magazine use?
    2) Can previous issues be stored on my Time Capsule, or iCloud, or accessed at a later date since I purchased the subscriptions?
    3) Do apps REALLY take up THAT much more on an iPad than they do on an iPhone?
    4) With what I previously explained, will a 16gb suffice or should I go for the 32?

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    Jun 1, 2011
    Can't speak for the specific titles you mentioned but the individual issues of the New Yorker consume between 220-280 mb each. Given the graphic heavy content of the titles you mentioned, I suspect that 300mb is probably a safe estimate. But also keep in mind that the New Yorker is a weekly. Unless I'm mistaken, the titles you cite are monthly periodicals.

    At least for the New Yorker (and I suspect for the titles you mentioned since they tend to be Conde Nast titles), one has the option of "archiving" copies you've downloaded. In this case "archiving" means deleting the content from your iPad and preserving the ability to re-download an issue you've purchased. No iCloud (or any other remote) storage is required.

    As far as choosing between 16gb and 32gb is concerned, you're probably ok with the smaller storage option for the requirements you've mentioned. However, keep in mind that you cannot decide later to upgrade your storage. Furthermore, you may well find that the larger form factor of the iPad leads you to use it for tasks you don't try on your phone. You can still probably get along ok with 16 gigs (especially if you take advantage of iCloud or other remote storage options) but you may find you have to "manage" your local storage more carefully.

    With this in mind, I think you'll find that most people find the 32gig model to be the "sweet spot." Relatively few people with 32 gig complain of insufficient storage compared to those with 16 gigs.
  3. bufffilm, Nov 28, 2011
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    May 3, 2011
    1) i only subscribe to one magazine the NewYorker, average issue is approx 200-250MB each. the mags that you like are monthly so if you like to keep 2-3 issues of each title, that can add up.

    2) this may depend on whether you use a custom app or Newstand. I use the custom app that the NewYorker provides and you have the ability to view your issues, and you pick what you want to download to your ipad. You can delete the issue after reading it (which frees up the disk space) and you can download it again if you want to view it later on. Can't speak for Newstand since i'm not running iOS5.

    3) they both run iOS and so for most apps should be no big difference in size though there are some apps are optimized for the ipad and if they're graphics heavy, the ipad version might be larger.

    4) what is using up all the space on your phone...music? if you plan to copy a lot of that to your ipad, then 16gb may not be enough.

    i bought a 32gb and only have about 2-3GB free. having more space means you don't have to spend as much time managing what you put on it...it was worth the extra $100 to me. i'll probably get a 64gb on my next model.
  4. jsh1120 macrumors 65816

    Jun 1, 2011
    Just a note of clarification. If you update to iOS 5 you won't have an option to access the New Yorker through its standalone app. It will be abducted by Newsstand. The functionality is essentially the same as you describe. The Newsstand does support unattended background downloading of individual issues but so far at least, it tends to be unreliable. And if it does not complete for some reason, the issue must be downloaded manually in the foreground. (No leaving the app while downloading.) In addition, of course, one is stuck with an unremovable Newsstand icon that many consider both ugly and unneeded.
  5. Defender2010, Nov 28, 2011
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    Jun 6, 2010
    I recently sold my iPad 2 64GB and replaced it with a 16GB model. I now have around 130 apps, a few of these are the larger games, which are around 1GB, generally i have 5 or 6 are magazines like Empire and Total Film which are around 400-500MB (or slightly more depending on the issue), and I still find I have roughly 6GB left. These issues can be deleted and re-downloaded at any time! Even with lots of work documents on it and photos and some iPhone shot footage there is ample room if you don't feel the need to fill it up with music and movies/tv shows (as I once did with my previous model).
    I guess the real turning point (and reason for reducing the capacity) for me was the news and (hopefully soon) release of iTunes Match/Google Music. I always wanted my total music collection on my devices with me, so I would buy the largest capacity of any device just to make this happen. I have tried Google Music and its fantastic for having all your music with you wherever you are, and I am sure iTunes Match will be even better (as our US cousins tell us)!
    Well, that's my story, I get by on 16GB with a lot of stuff on my iPad, it's movies and music with generally fill it up for me, I hope you figure out what you want soon and what works best for you.
    PS. If you wanted to sell the iPad 2 when the 3rd model is released, perhaps spending less money on this one is best now, and if you feel you need more capacity , buy a 32GB iPad 3 when it is released...
    Oh, and if I remember correctly the 16GB version has around 14.2GB (feel free to correct me anyone)
  6. bufffilm Suspended


    May 3, 2011
    that was my understanding too. but when i updated my newyorker app via the app store over the weekend, the description stated the new release version included ios5 fixes.

    have you tried installing the new version to your iOS5 ipad or is it that you just rather use the newsstand?
  7. mdk023 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Nov 28, 2011
    Sorry, I should have stated that on my phone the 25.8gb is available space. Sometimes I think I tend to get too much storage. I got my MacBook in 2008 and still have 103gb free. My iPod (1st gen video) is 64gb, and with pretty much my entire music library, a few random tv shows, and one movie, I still have 19gb of storage.

    I do have a 8gb touch that came free with my MacBook, and I can see how managing things can be a pain. I find that easy to fill.

    I don't really travel. This will probably go with me on my annual summer vacation and that's it. It will not be used at all for work-related tasks. If I'm exercising or doing things around the house I use either my iPod, iPod and speakers, or computer. I actually don't even have any songs on my iPhone. (I feel like I would have been fine with 16gb iPhone instead of the 32. The only reason I went with the 32gb is because I switched from a Droid and was constantly out of memory and had to delete apps. I think I was slightly paranoid.)

    I pretty much plan to use this to view magazines and surf the web.

    A few of you mentioned about magazine apps and magazines on Newsstand. Are most of the magazines switching from having an app and going to Newsstand?
  8. jsh1120 macrumors 65816

    Jun 1, 2011
    In reality, yes. In fact, I believe all the pubs you mentioned in your first post are now in Newsstand because I believe they are all Conde Nast publications. The Newsstand makes periodicals more visible to users and therefore more likely to be purchased, a benefit for both the publisher and Apple (which gets 30% of the subscription price.) It also enables publishers to engage in a bait and switch where the app is "free" but the content must be paid for.

    Obviously, I dislike "Newsstand" but it's definitely the wave of the future. Get used to it.


    As long as you don't update to iOS5 you'll retain your standalone New Yorker app. Once you update, your standalone app will disappear and the New Yorker will appear in the Newsstand. You have no option. The "fixes" you noted in the update to the New Yorker app simply fixes some bugs encountered when the app runs in Newsstand.
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    Oct 2, 2007
    as noted from above but my thoughts as well.

    1) between 200-800mb depending on how intensive the Digital Magazine is.
    2) You can download and read, then delete and free up space and then download again.
    3) Some apps take up more space because they have more real estate to play with and add extras not seen in iPhone/iPod versions
    4) I have a 16GB and it might be 2/3 full. I have about 3 apps that run close to 1-1.5 GB. I have 3 magazine "subscriptions" and have 8-10 magazines total on the iPad. If I was going to buy a new iPad I might go with the 32 as it is the "sweet spot" as mentioned but I'm fine with the 16GB. and I don't keep much music on it as I have my iPhone with me most of the times for that.

    *I won the iPad so had "no choice" in the size.*
  10. bufffilm Suspended


    May 3, 2011
    it sounds like the 16gb model should fit your storage needs.

    i bought my ipad mainly for use outside the home but i find it quite handy to use around the house at times and you may find that to be true too the longer you use it. it shouldn't change your storage profile that much unless you wind up loading it to the with mags, video, etc. :)


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