iPad and Time capsule (not very descriptive, I know)

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    Tried searching this but no dice...

    I have an iPad at home but no longer have a Mac. Before I was Mac-less, I downloaded all my documents, movies, music, and photos onto a hard drive. Now that I am at my new place, I'm thinking I don't want to buy a new computer since I found I was using my iPad almost exclusively. So I was thinking, can I get a Time Capsule, put all my media and docs on it, set it up and administer it with just my iPad? I can use my work computer to do the initial set up if need be but would rather not. It's a pc, not a Mac.

    One other question: can I set it up that I can access any documents on TC from anywhere (at work?)
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    I've never used this but it's supposed to give you direct access to TimeCapsule:

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