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Discussion in 'iPad' started by TorontoSS, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. TorontoSS macrumors 6502

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    Hello - I have purchased an iPad Air 2 from Currys in the UK.

    I was wondering if it is worthwhile to get AppleCare+ on the iPad. I have certain questions regarding this.

    - I understand that UK law/EU law has more consumer friendly rules regarding warranties. Would the iPad be covered under this if I didn't buy it from Apple (bought from Currys).
    - I have American Express My Essentials which covers accidental damage and theft (AppleCare+ does not cover theft). I don't think it covers failure of the device.
    - If my iPad were to fail - say it just went dead in a year and a half. Would apple help out in a) fixing it or b) replacing it even though I bought it from Currys?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. sinar macrumors regular

    Oct 11, 2007
    I believe if your buy the ipad direct from apple they give you a two year warranty without Applecare ( which does not include accidental damage )

    If you don't buy it direct from Apple, Apple will provide a one year warranty and after a year you would have to go through Currys regarding the warranty.

    I base this on the fact I took my iPhone 5 back to the Apple Store I bought it from when it had a fault at 20 months old, they repaired it for free, but told me if I had not bought it from them they would have redirected me back to where it was purchased from the persue the warranty claim ( however I would have thought Apple would have been prepared to repair or replace if you were to pay)

    That's my experience anyway


    I forgot to mention, if you take AppleCare+ Apple will then give the 2 year warranty regardless of where you bought it from, including 2 incidents of accidental damage

    You would need to take your iPad into an Apple Store or run a diagnostic test on it, to get AppleCare+
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    There's always an argument about manufacturer warranties and insurance, and how they compare to statutory rights.

    In the UK/EU we're actually very well protected. Regardless of whether you purchase at Currys (just don't!) or Apple, you're in your rights for a product to have a 'reasonable' lifetime, and that defects present at the time of manufacture should be fixed.

    What people often misinterpret about the latter is that a 'defect' can simply be that the product wasn't built for acceptable use. A good example would be the home button on an iPhone - I regularly see those failing after one year, through nothing other than normal day-to-day use. In that sense, a defect is present at the time of manufacture - the fact it lasted a year-and-a-day is neither here nor there.

    That being said, I usually do buy AppleCare - chiefly because it pays for itself when it comes to reselling devices. It's also handy if you travel a lot - Apple store around the world will just help you out then and there.
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    Thanks for that, yes am aware of the 6 year law (am happy about that!) but would apple deal with it or currys? Agree with your aversion to currys but I just bought it from there!

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