iPad apps taking space that's not really there

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    I've been experiencing this weird thing in my iPad. I'm sure I don't have that many apps, I only have around 1GB of apps. But when I see it in my iTunes, it's showing that I have almost 4GB of apps. When I try to remove the apps, to see if I really have that many apps, the iTunes bar chart changes and showed that I only have 1GB of apps. But when I click sync, it goes up to 4GB apps again, does anyone know what's happening?
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    It may be that one or some of your apps files accociated/attached to it. For example, you may have books in your iBooks library, PDFs on your GoodReader app, ringtones you created with RMPro, or Pictures saved in The Private Pics app. The app size reflects other data attached to it. Even saving articles with a news app increases the app size.

    I hope this helps.

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