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    I have many paper based 'Operations and Maintenance' (O&M) manuals for each of my locations, possibly dozens for each location. Field engineers need to go out and perform field maintenance using these O&M manuals. The current O&M manuals are cumbersome, big 3 ring binders that are difficult to search and use. We are starting to get the manuals as .pdf files. I'm looking for iPad applications that will let me manage (catalog (by contract, equp type, etc.), view, search, possibly update) my .pdf manuals. Thanks
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    Goodreader via iDisk works well for me. I assume it would work well with Dropbox too.
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    I've used virtually every pdf annotator on the IPad. They each have their strengths. PDF expert is the best for syncing large amounts of documents to the IPad bidirectionally. Goodreader is great and fast for reading, is cheap, and also allows sync. IAnnotate is the best for annotations, but syncing abilities are rather limited.

    It sounds like your needs are local organization of files on the IPad. For that you may want to look at a file management application such a readdledocs or IFile.

    It is aggravating to me that the IPad does not have an easily usable file system where one can have all Dropbox files managed locally. Using the Dropbox application is a chore, so if you do not need external syncing, I would avoid it.

    edit: I forgot to mention DevonThink. This is excellent for synchronizing with your computer database and is very good for PDFs. You annotate the PDF in whatever application you chose, import it back into devonthink, and then the changes are synced with your computer. Very nice file management as well.

    Good Luck

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