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Discussion in 'iPad' started by 147798, Feb 3, 2014.

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    I put this in the gaming forum, but they suggested I would get better answers here, so here goes:

    Due to a neck injury, I can't really play my iPad for games anymore. Too much bending my head forward puts strain on my vertebrae disks. I have to keep my head up.

    But there are some games on there I'd like to keep playing.

    I have a 24" Dell monitor hooked up to a 2009 MBP in my office. Is there a solution where I can add a bluetooth controller to my iPad and run the iPad to my monitor, either through my MBP or somehow standalone. I tried the small AppleTV when it first came out, and AirPlay was too laggy to be useful. I don't think my 2009 MBP supports airplay. Is there another solution?

    Or maybe I just buy a game controller, and somehow mount my iPad up at eye level so I can look straight ahead?
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    Not sure about the first option but the theory makes sense. If you get a game controller then yes, you can mount the iPad somehow so it's straight ahead for you.
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    Oct 25, 2013
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    Does the monitor have HDMI. If so get the digital av adapter to connect the iPad to it

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