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Jul 1, 2007
I have looked and looked and all i have found are cheap "walkie talkie" apps with huge delay and or are only Bluetooth connect.

I have 3 first generation iPADs bought on craigs list, 2 are rather banged up but I have them mounted on the wall so you cant see the damage, and I am using them for Sonos, Nest and Home security but would really like to use them as a HOME INTERCOM SYSTEM as well.

They are mounted in LANDSCAPE and I thought of using SKYPE but you cant make the iPad SKYPE auto answer.

Any ideas???


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Feb 14, 2011
I'm interested in these as well, have the old Nutone system and want something diff.


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May 2, 2010
Any updated apps that allow for home intercom on the ipads yet?
I also have several wall mounted ipads for Sonos, security, cameras but I need to add intercom from ipad to ipad.

Video would be nice but good quality audio would be great.
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