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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by seavent, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. seavent macrumors newbie

    Mar 19, 2013
    I am a professional photographer who often needs to show particular photos to clients. I am hoping to use my new iPad 2 for that purpose. As I do all my post-processing work on my iMac in Photoshop Lightroom 3 I have no need for an app to process images on the iPad itself. I do, however, need an app that will allow me to identify images a client wants to purchase by jotting down the image filename I applied in Lightroom. What would be the best choice in apps for this purpose?

  2. Gav2k macrumors G3


    Jul 24, 2009
    You could simply use the photo album. Tap edit and select the images then create an album.
  3. Warrenn macrumors newbie

    Mar 13, 2013
    How about Photosmith?

    If you use Lightroom often, Photosmith (
    https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/photosmith/id427757668?mt=8) probably fits your needs best. Have fun :)

    Taking photos is only half the work. Sorting, organizing and sharing are every bit as important – but they're also a chore. With Photosmith® you can do it as easily in a crowded train as on your couch, or a beach-side hammock. And when you get back to your computer, it's a matter of two taps to synchronize it all with Lightroom. Wirelessly.

    "If you own Lightroom and an iPad, buy this app now" - Charlie Sorrel / The Cult of Mac

    "For me it means I can meet clients anywhere, and do a shoot review making selects at a place that suits them, but without the theatrics of setting up a computer/laptop. " - Sean McCormack / pixiq.com

    "If you’re a Lightroom user and have an iPad, you want this app!" - Terry White / bestappsite.com

    "The app recently received a major update increasing its functionality and making it the must-have Lightroom companion." -Juli / padgadget.com

    "Very simply, if you have an iPad, then this is a must-have app." - Dan Bailey / danbaileyphoto.com

    Photosmith® synchronizes with Adobe Lightroom. Import your latest photos from a memory card with a camera connector kit, or wirelessly sync your unsorted backlog from Lightroom with our free plugin. Sort and filter your photos, organize them into collections, apply star ratings and color labels. Share highlights and rough selections to Facebook, Flickr or by e-mail.

    And when you get back to your computer, it's a matter of two taps to synchronize it all back to Lightroom.

    • Innovative Smart Groups that intuitively groups photos for you (patent pending)
    • Sync your full Lightroom keyword hierarchy
    • Touchscreen friendly keywording and rating
    • Sort and filter your photos
    • Organize them into collections
    • Apply Pick/Reject flags (requires Lightroom version 4.0+)
    • Apply star ratings and color labels
    • Apply keywords and IPTC metadata individually, in groups, or with presets
    • Share highlights and rough selections to Facebook, Flickr or by e-mail
    • Support for RAW, JPG, or RAW+JPG
    • Support for 100% zoom in many cameras
    • Native support for Export and Publish Services in Adobe Lightroom
    • Directly receive from Eye-Fi cards
    • Very powerful sync options, allowing workflow customization

    Read more and watch videos at http://photosmithapp.com

    Please note that Photosmith is not an image editing tool (exposure, cropping, etc). However, because the photos are stored in the main Photos app, you may edit using any of the many great editing apps available and still manage the photos within Photosmith.

    --– Camera File Format Support ---

    • JPG - full support for both image viewing and metadata
    • Canon CR2, Nikon NEF, Pentax PEF: Full support for cameras made in the past few years
    • Sony ARW, Panasonic RW2, Olympus ORF: Support for screen-size viewing and full metadata
    • DNG, Fuji RAF: Limited support. The same image shown in the Photos app will be the same shown in Photosmith. Metadata and organization is still possible; only the photo viewing is affected.

    For a list of recently tested models, see http://photosmithapp.com/cameras

    --- Requirements ---

    • iPad 2 or 3 recommended
    • iOS 5.1 or higher
    • Apple® Camera Connection Kit (only needed if you import images from your camera)
    • Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom 3.5 or higher on Mac or Windows (SP3 required if Windows XP)
    • Photosmith Lightroom plugin available for free from our website http://www.photosmithapp.com/index.php/plugin/
    • Wi-Fi connection during sync

    --– Support ---

    Photosmith was created by a small team of avid photographers. We take feedback seriously and welcome customer interaction.

    Every attempt has been made to make the Photosmith sync process as easy to use as possible; however, questions still come up. Photosmith offers extensive in-app help, and we provide a user feedback system to help tell us what our users want. If all else fails, you can contact us directly from within the app for 24 hour response.

    C² Enterprises, Inc Web SitePhotosmith Support
    What's New in Version 2.2.2
    • Fixed regression caused by iOS 6 compatibility fixes
    • Fixed many small UI bugs
    • Fixed Bonjour detection of Lightroom
    • Added additional safety checks around Thumbnail retrieval from Photos.app to prevent crashes

    iPad Screenshots

    Customer Reviews

    by sr.calva
    As of earlier today and after my initial review I have received tech help from developers. They are being helpful and hopefully I can resolve my tech difficulties!

    Very unreliable

    by Disgusted42
    Good attempt at providing a solution but let down by either Mac, software or iPad.
    Sometimes ipad will sync but not other times. No way to cancel sync. Both LR and this app get out of sync resulting in nothing happening.

    Wish we could go back to time or function limited demos. $20 spent to no avail.

    App will be deleted and LR plugin removed. May try again when next version is released.

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