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    Hey guys,

    The title says most of my question, I'm aware of Air Display but the wifi connection is.. Jittery at best and feels clumsy. At the WWDC you can see all of the display devices connected and projected live via a cable, I'm aware that the versions of iOS and OSX Apple used for display are modified versions so as to look and run smoother. But is there a method or app that would allow for the use of the USB cord instead of WiFi.

    On the topic of Air Display, is it possible to refine the connection to make it smoother? What is the contributing factor(s) for the bad connection?
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    I use ScreenRecycler and don't have any problems. I don't know if it would be any better or worse than Air Display, which I hadn't heard of until this post.

    ScreenRecycler works by having the iPad connect to the computer with a VNC client. I'd imagine that Air Display works similarly. The issue is that the iPad needs to recognize the computer with a network address in order for the VNC method to work. I did a quick search for running VNC over USB and it seems like there's no easy solution. One person who did it with Android claimed that the performance wasn't any better than running the connection over 802.11g, for what it's worth.
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