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    Hi I own an ipad 3rd generation for alittle more than a year and a half 18 mths to be exact and so far have been happy with with the performance. But how would I know the battery is toasted? How long in general does an ipad battery last for the life of an ipad? If a battery in an ipad is toasted how long would the standby/surfing time be?
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    If an iPad battery is "toasted," I imagine the device won't turn on. If the battery is dying, you'll be charging it more frequently than using it. At that point, you'll need to replace the battery.

    My iPad 2, which was ordered on launch day, is heavily used each day and I still get about ten hours on a charge.

    Here are a couple links you may find helpful:
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    Me to. I still get much use out of an ip2 and ip3. Both heavily used. Videos , gaming. Both brought home on launch day.
    I'm trying to kill them so I can use an ipad air full time. It's not happening lol.
    Seriously though it's only been to recent these products ,specifically ipad, were injected into our every day lives so successfully ( rip Steve I miss ya )
    Now newer models have better batteries so we need the time to pass to see overall how long they last. The inventors say 3 years reliable use,after that who knows.
    People are using iPads even as of today and not claiming battery failure although I bet there are many dead ones. 4 years is a good claim.

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