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Feb 1, 2010
Cheyenne, Wyoming
I have always read books stretched out on a couch, or on a bed. I got into this habit be cause I was nearsighted and it was more comfortable to hold books up close this way. This continued with eBooks, on my first iPad, and it carried over to audiobooks. Cataract surgery changed my vision to farsightedness. Now I need 1.25X reading glasses to see clearly up close. The double OLED screen on this new iPad Pro is wonderful. My old iPad has been retired for many years so I used my 14 Pro Max to do this. Now that I have a usable iPad again propping it up so I can see the screen properly is a minor pain so I looked for and found a solution. Flippy Tablet Pillow Stand. This stand has internal storage that is perfect to keep a set of reading glasses in.

Screenshot 2024-06-03 at 18.39.07.png


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Jul 18, 2008
Looks good, Everytime you make a choice like this there is another one you didn't know about that might have been better. 😃
Spot on comment & as someone who’s been holding an IPP too long while seated/reclining thx again for the direction, looking forward to its arrival.
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Aug 8, 2010
Southeastern PA
I tried many different stands for the bed during the years but found this one to be by far the best. It elevates the iPad to eye level and saved me from straining my neck to look down at the iPad. It works with just about any iPad size and works very well. Can’t recommend enough.

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