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Aug 8, 2019
My wife's 2017 iPad Air Mini has stopped working whilst I am travelling on business. Working fine, low battery, put on charge, came back to a black screen and it will not switch on. Working fine after iOS 13 update, fault my be attributed to iOS 13.1 update or could be a coincidence.

Tried a different charger to eliminate that. The iPad does not show the charging graphic but does get warm. Tried holding down the power / home buttons simultaneously for more than 10 seconds, nothing. Tried connecting to iTunes via MacBook nothing the iPad is not seen.

No Apple care warranty.

Out of ideas can anyone suggest something we have not tried?

Oh, this is in the Philippines. The wife took the iPad to an Apple authorized repair agent today. 'Sorry Ma'am your iPad is too old and we only service iPhones and Macbooks'. This is despite Apple on line confirming that the authorized agent should be able to help. I bet Apple would be delighted to know one of their authorized repair agents is telling customers a 2 year old product is too old to repair!! Maybe it would have been different if we had Apple Care? Not sure.


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Jun 16, 2015
Portland, Oregon
It sounds like the battery ran down too low, and now has failed, although it could be some other problem. Lithium batteries don’t like to be run to total depletion. I’ve heard that sometimes you can bring it back to (some) life by repeatedly plugging the power source into it (it apparently gives it a tiny charge each time, before recognizing that the battery is dead), but even if that works you’ll probably have a severely damaged battery. Here in the States you could take it to an Apple Store for a flat rate battery repair, $99, but I don’t know what your options would be in the Philippines.

I wonder what happens if you try to initiate a repair from the web interface on Apple’s site? It will ask for your serial number, and then (here in the States) offer you options. I wonder if that will result in sending you back to that same agent that denied your wife, haha!

Sam in SoCal

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Oct 13, 2019
Turns out it was toast. Battery dead and short circuit on the charging rail on the pcb. Not worth repairing.
iPad mini 5 is now on sale for 349$. It was 399$, base WiFi model of course. Have one of your friends here buy it and ship it to you
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