iPad buy-customize-resell question


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May 24, 2012
I am preparing to offer a package of turnkey business apps for iPad and am needing to determine how to be a "re-seller" in that scenario. It isn't my intent to mark up the hardware, so what I was thinking was to buy Verizon 3G + WiFi models from Amazon, do the configurations, then then ship the configured unit to the customer. Is that do-able? Is it sensible? Am I overlooking things? Thanks.



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Jun 19, 2011
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I'm guessing this is something you'll be taking orders for on a per client basis? You may want to offer a variation of iPads (Wifi, Verizon, ATT), then dependent on what that client wants, pick them up, configure and ship. This way, provided no one wants a Verizon one, in a worst case scenario, you're not stuck with them. You may want to look outside of Amazon too. Some other places offer lower pricing at various times.


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May 26, 2012
Here are some things that I thought of, may or may not have anything to do with your venture, but they're points I would consider:

How are you identifying the apps that the business will need?
How/what appleid will you use?
Are you fronting the cost, or are the customers? (for iPad,app,accessories)
Will you offer accessories like cases, covers, stylus, appletv (for displaying at the office), etc
Have you thought of creating forms for the client dependent upon their business?
What research/questions are you asking to evaluate the client needs before purchasing and loading apps? (would you create apps or only load existing apps?)
If there are people "in the field" that collect info, how is it transmitted and processed back at the office?
Who will train the staff on how to best utilize the iPad and apps?
Are there industry/company regulations to consider regarding the security of loaded applications?
Is there a cost/benefit you can show to prospective clients? (save on printing costs?). How will using the iPad make your clients more efficient?
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