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Discussion in 'iPad' started by Cubytus, Feb 4, 2013.

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    Hello all,

    I have a strange issue that, since a few days, the iPad-based, iCloud-linked calendar doesn't sync back to iCloud. Hence, for that reason, the calendar on the Mac isn't in sync, and this is, as you can guess, pretty annoying. iPad runs iPhone OS 6.1, and the Mac runs Snow Leopard. I manually configured the calendar portion of iCloud as indicated, and sync between iCal (Mac) and iCloud doesn't suffer any delay.

    Additional information: when initially reinstalled, the iPad has two sets of calendars: one locally synced with the Mac, the other being iCloud, and there's overlap between the two, thanks to this pesky sync problem. I really appreciate the convenience of iCloud, but can't go without the safety of local sync. I may go days without manually syncing the iPad with iTunes but still, iCal is my lifeline, and any defect in keeping updated or worse, losing events will result in serious profesional consequences. It already happened in the days before iCloud.

    iCloud-related information: my Apple ID is an email that has been dead for years. Since I used it heavily before the mailing privider ceased activities, I couldn't practically restart from scratch, so I am currently using this "fossil" login along with an updated Yahoo contact adress, and recently added an @me.com adress from iCloud. The latter is the adress is the one used to connect to iCloud's calendar from iCal, and works nicely.

    However, the iPad, despite being configured with iCloud natively, doesn't update. I restarted it, but since the most up-to-date calendar is on the iPad and un-synced, so far I didn't try deleting and re-adding iCloud to the iPad as it would delete events added since.

    What could cause the iPad to lose sync with iCloud, and how to solve that and prevent it from happening again?
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    Snow Leopard doesn't support iCloud. Howd you get it set up manually?
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