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Discussion in 'iPad' started by ILowry82, Dec 18, 2014.

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    I can't connect to the internet on my iPad. Since I can't connect to the internet, I can't disable find my iPad to restore it. I know the problem isn't the internet because my laptop and phone work fine. Is there any other way to restore the iPad or some sort of wired connection? I can't even return it without disabling find my iPad.
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    if the iPad can't connect to the internet because of a defect, which would be the worst thing that could happen, it is nothing to worry about, all you have to do is go to iCloud.com ( https://www.icloud.com/#find ) and click on all devices, click on the iPad. and tell it to erase , and then click on remove from account

    when you use iCloud.com from another computer to erase the iPad you have to remove it also

    if you erase the iPad and do not remove it, it will be locked to your iCloud account and will require your password to activate

    if you erase your iPad and remove it, it might show on its lock screen that it still belongs to you, but as soon as you click on the set up process and it connects to apple.com , all the iCloud activation locks are disabled

    whenever the iPad is repaired or comes back , it will self destruct if it should ever connect to the internet again

    tell the store when you return it that the iPad is defective and you erased and removed it from iCloud.com

    if that won't work, then have the apple store replace it, it sounds like from your post that it is still under warranty, ask them for help

    double check the iPad and try to connect to other wifi networks to rule out your wifi network

    if you have a bunch of iPads and you don't know which is which, you can make them ring to make sure you erase the right one

    make sure you back up your ipad to itunes before you replace it

    also click on the file, device menu to transfer purchases, that way anything you bought and any software updates are backed up to itunes as well

    tell the store they can go to https://www.icloud.com/activationlock/ and enter the serial number to check to make sure you turned off find my iPhone using iCloud.com
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    have you tried restoring it using itunes?

    itunes is the way to "restore it using a wired connection"


    once you use www.icloud.com to erase and remove the device
    it will restore using itunes on a computer

    i still think u should return or replace it

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