IPad case with multiple anges...and a pocket?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Bzoo, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. Bzoo macrumors newbie

    Aug 4, 2012
    I've been hunting hard for a case for my iPad 2 that would allow me to view the screen at multiple angles, and also has a pocket that could hold a paper or a receipt or at least a couple business cards. Want a folio design...not a sleeve. Magnets would be swell too.

    Pen and Quill has one model that is well reviewed and has the pocket... But I'm not sure it offers the viewing angles and it seems kind of bulky. Any other suggestions please?
  2. Bleak macrumors member

    Sep 7, 2010
    http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1397172 If you don't mind the price, it seems quite a few people really love it.

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