Ipad case


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Mar 11, 2012
Southern, CA
I pre-ordered my first Ipad (3rd gen) and am now wondering what case to get. I am thinking the smart cover with a clear back protector and a sleave. What do you think about this set up? What do you use?

I am thinking about this sleeve because it will sometimes be in my backback with a binder and sometimes hard textbooks. It seems like with the plastic and foam this sleave would be the best for my senerio.


What other sleaves or cases would you recomend?


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Mar 30, 2011
you realize there's a whole section on accessories (including tons of case threads) above, right?!


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Apr 19, 2011
Austin TX
I have an ipad2 and after all the searching, thinking, etc. I finally went with a screen protector (Power Support antiglare and anti fingerprint -which I love) and an iCarcon skin for everyday.

I have a sleeve for when I travel and then added a Macally DualStand2 for the built in stand for travel. This setup works perfectly for me. I like the 'nearly naked' for home because it's so light. Ditched my smart cover after a couple of weeks cause it just got in the way.

I'm duplicating the same setup with my new iPad. But if I were taking my iPad to work or school every day I would probably go with something that adds more protection like a folio. (I'm retired so I only worry about home and trips).