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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by w00t951, Apr 15, 2010.

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    I just ordered my 64-GB WiFi only iPad online, and I'm very excited to receive it. However, I am a bit concerned about the screen scratching, and scratching in general. Can someone recommend a good case that is either hard or silicone that covers everything but the screen and the ports? And I just noticed that there are virtually no more screen protectors on the Apple Store, both in real life and online. Can someone recommend a good screen protector to me as well, preferably in a matte finish? Thank you in advance. PS: Please make sure that both the case and the screen protector are available online.
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    There are several threads on this (so stand by for someone to no-no you for not searching).

    There's been some writeups about the 'anti-scratch' ability of the screen. Most have been VERY positive. My iPhone 2g is an original and it has no scratches (has been in a incase holster since I got it but no screen protector). Apple 'officially' says no protector is needed (which is why I don't think they carry them in the Apple stores). I use screen protectors on my digital SLR's...but I prefer the 'micro glass' kind...not the vinyl ones. A little more expensive (and almost all have to come from China) but I would rather have .010" thick piece of glass than just .010" tearable / stretchable vinyl. YMMV....

    I got the Apple case...and it's a love it or hate it kind of case. I personally like it a lot. It's very thin (some say too thin) it fits very tight (some say too tight) and you can't use the dock when it's in the case (but I use the sync cable and let the case sit in landscape mode). It's $39 (think). I have seen about eleventy-billion silicone cases and slip cases.

    It would depend on how you want to use it...grippy wrap and screen protector or 'book type' case. Incase also makes several types of cases but I didn't like their 'book type' case..again, YMMV.

    Look in the "Ipad Accessories" section...lot's of case discussions.
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    See if any of these topics give you what you need:

    I personally love the Belkin Vue skin but it's $50, which is a huge ripoff. Their iPod Touch case was about $25 IIRC when I bought one. The case is great but not worth my $50. Incopio has a nice offering for $20 online, I forget the name but lucky for you the link above leads to the thread that discusses that very case!
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    I wish someone made a business class case.

    Something with a place for business cards and that.

    I like the Apple case but a pocket or something in it would really help.
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    Have you looked into the Invisible Shield by Zagg? I have one on my iPhone and it is pretty protective of scratches. They even have a lifetime warranty of the device and will replace the shield if anything happens to it, for free.

    This one has slots for business cards but the way it secures the iPad looks funky.

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    I received the Apple case yesterday. I'm very happy with it!
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