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Discussion in 'iPad' started by RafaelT, Dec 28, 2011.

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    I own a restaurant and we use iPad's and iPod's for our Point Of Sale system.

    All of our devices have iDynamo credit card swipers plugged into the dock connector port. The iDynamo has a mini usb connector on it to allow charging of the iPads. The iPads do need to be moved around occasionally so I would prefer to charge them without having them plugged in.

    Here is what I came up with...

    A Powermat on the counter and a Powercube Receiver plugged into the mini USB port on the iDynamo.

    I know that the Powermat technically does not put out enough power for the iPad.. so my question is has anyone tried using the powermat to charge an iPad 2? Does it charge at all, charge more slowly, or drain more slowly?

    Anyone have any other suggestions?

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    This company may have a solution for you...they provide multi-iDevice charging solutions for museums, etc that use iPads/iPod Touches as tour devices:


    These guys have what looks like some seriously heavy-duty charging/security solutions for iPads:

    Also, check out this earlier post from these forums:

    You may also want to look into making your own "power squid" kind of device by using a powered USB multi-port hub and several iPad connector/charging cables:

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    Lakeland, FL
    Thanks for the reply. I do appreciate those links, those companies have some cool products and I will keep them in mind for some of my future clients...

    What I need though is something to keep it charging during the day, wirelessly.

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