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Apr 12, 2001


Media research firm Nielsen today announced the results of its Mobile Connected Device Report survey for the first quarter of 2011, determining that Apple held a dominating 82% of the installed base for tablets in the United States during the quarter. The survey found 3G-capable iPads slightly more popular than non-3G models, 43% to 39%, with the Samsung Galaxy Tab proving the most popular competitor with only 4% of the market.


The study also examined the effect of tablet ownership on usage of other devices, with 35% of tablet owners reporting that they had decreased usage of desktop computers and 32% reporting decreased usage of notebook computers. Interestingly, 9% of owners actually increased their desktop machine usage while 13% increased their notebook usage, calling into question just how much of the usage variation is due to effects from tablets.Twenty-seven percent of those who also own eReaders said they use their eReader less often or not at all - the same percentage as those who also own portable media players. One-in-four tablet owners who own portable games consoles are using those devices less often, if at all, since purchasing a tablet.About half of tablet owners report that they are the exclusive user of the device in their household, while 43% report sharing the device with others. 8% of tablet owners do not use the device at all, with usage instead tied to another member of the household.

Article Link: iPad Claims 82% of U.S. Installed Tablet Market, Eating Into Other Devices


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Jul 1, 2009
Wow. The iPad numbers do not surprise me, but I would have thought Motorola Xoom would be ahead of the Galaxy Tab and Dell Streak and that "Other" number is especially shocking.

Well at least the media can continue to fall over themselves looking for the next "True iPad Competitor" or "iPad Killer". They played that game with iPhone for years, now they can play it with tablets.

This is an amazing success story for Apple, especially given the naysayers at the beginning of last year.


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Mar 3, 2008
I thought the Xoom would be doing better too. However, the usage numbers interest me. It doesn't look as though the tablet replaces the computer functions--with a numbers of the users increasing their notebook/desktop usage. Considering the specialized nature of the tablet, I'm not too surprised at this.


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May 11, 2009
When I really started using my iPad I also increased my desktop usage BECAUSE of the iPad. Before iPad I had to use a laptop to do most of the things I now do with an iPad. Since I was using a laptop for one thing, I figured I'd use it for everything.

Now instead of a laptop I use desktop + iPad. Therefore, desktop usage went up because it was almost nothing before.


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Dec 31, 2004
"No escape from Reality...”
When I really started using my iPad I also increased my desktop usage BECAUSE of the iPad. Before iPad I had to use a laptop to do most of the things I now do with an iPad. Since I was using a laptop for one thing, I figured I'd use it for everything.

Now instead of a laptop I use desktop + iPad. Therefore, desktop usage went up because it was almost nothing before.

That's what I'm going to switch to.

I don't really want "My Digital Life" on a MacBook in case it gets stolen or breaks and I didn't have a recent backup. Plus, who really wants to work on a website at a Cafe? :eek:

Going to end up with a Mini and use that in the home office for websites and photo editing and an iPad on the road for eMails and surfing...
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Jan 28, 2005
American Riviera
Same here. I'm looking at getting a new iMac and putting my powerbook to pasture. I've not really got a compelling need for a laptop with the iMac+iPad2 combination.


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Mar 13, 2007
After I bought my iPad 1 last year I ended up giving my MBP to my mom and using the iPad as my portable device while on the go. I had found that I was taking my personal laptop with me less on vacation and on business trips and the only thing that held my iPhone back was the small screen so the iPad was a perfect replacement for my laptop.

I use my iMac at home for all of my video and photo storage and editing. Now with my iPad 2, I can even shoot video if I want to and save my point and shoot camera for photos. I will still probably shot video with the camera but it is good to have an option and with facetime/skype I can video chat as well from my hotel room.


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May 3, 2011
I'm not surprised by the high market share. Just doesn't seem to be anything else out there for now.

I use my iPad to find info quickly like what to do, what's on the tube and on the fly research when I don't want to boot my Mac Book Pro. Maybe that will change when I upgrade my Mac Book and get instant on, but not sure. Sometimes it just feels nice to shed the bulk, heat and cumbersome nature of sitting on a couch with a laptop.

Can't wait to get the iPad 2 and videophone with family!!!



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Sep 6, 2007
I have a MBP, an older G5 iMac, and now my iPad2. Although, I still prefer my MBP, I love e iPad for the portability and the spontaneous searches that I do. It sits by my chair on the end table and it's easy to grab (like for what I'm doing now) and check something out. As well, I'm looking forward to taking it on business trips for mostly plane time entertainment. So far I love it and I would guess, that to answer the survey, I'm using my laptop less due to the iPad.


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Sep 17, 2003
If they would have colored all versions of the iPad yellow, in the piechart, you would have literally had a giant pac-mac eating the competition.


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Oct 27, 2007
Twin Cities
One more that transitioned from MacBook Pro to an iPad + desktop combination.

Looking forward to the day when the iPad has a dock at my desk to become a full computer. At the rate these tablet are increasing in power, I'd be surprised if that doesn't occur sometime in the next five years.


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Feb 27, 2011
Nice statistics. Was confused about the increase in use of computers until I remembered syncing... stupid me. Now, the iPad is really being used widely in my school. And is replacing some of the old PCs.


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May 12, 2011
I am surprised at the handheld console number, netbook number, laptop number, desktop number, and even smartphone number.

Handheld console- does gaming better than an iDevice
netbook- much better than an iPad could ever be
same with laptop/desktop
smartphone- more portable than an iPad could ever be

I don't get the tablet craze.

"Oh let's speen 3 times the price of a netbook on a tablet, which can't do as much as a netbook! In fact the power of a tablet is comparable to that of a smartphone but isn't as portable as a smartphone!"

Basically I think tablets are a waste of $700-$800. It can't do the job of anything I mentioned in this post as well as those devices can.

The only thing a tablet has over a smartphone is it's size, yet that's a tablet's biggest disadvantage.
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