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Discussion in 'iPad' started by wesk702, Jan 10, 2011.

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    So i was fortunate enough to go to CES and was really interested to peep the iPad competition, but it was pretty meh. Played with the samsung tab and the lag is very noticeable when coming from the iPad. It's a decent device but had thought it would operate a bit quicker and smoother. Also, saw the motorola tablet but they didn't even have a demo. A motorola rep was just holding the device behind the counter and was playing a demo video and that was about it. Seems like the next big thing is probably gonna be the second gen iPad.
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    I too was at CES and was not blown away by the iPad's competition. A lot of copying going on and no real innovation.
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    I'll preface my comments with this, I'm not familiar with some of Intel's atom processors.

    I started comparing windows tablets against the iPad to determine which fits my needs the best.

    Looking at the engadget list All the windows tablets are running Intel Oak Trail processor. I have a dell mini 10v with an atom processor. The thing is slow compared to the C2D processor found in MBPs.

    I'm curious to know how the Oak Trail processor holds up against apple's A4. Given that these win7 tablets are running a full OS, as apposed to a mobile OS, you would need some horse power and to be honest, I'm thinking that's not the case with the atom processor.
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    They have been making Windows tablets for the last 10 years. Even had WinXP Tablet PC Edition.

    Performance and user experience was somewhat craptacular. Remember the OQO ? They are outta business.


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