iPad (current model) Mail Freezes & Other Oddities

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  1. ArchiMark, Feb 18, 2013
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    Got one of the latest model iPads about 3 months ago...have updated to latest OS release...

    Works, but notice several bugs....wondered if anyone has similar issues and whether this is a bum iPad or just software bugs, etc...

    1. Mail

    Sometimes Mail app just freezes up. Can tap on various items on the display, but no reaction to taps. Have found only way to get it working again is to reboot iPad.

    2. Safari

    Sometimes tapping on the little tiny 'x' on the page tabs to close a page gets no reaction from iPad. Have to tap on it several times to get a response, ie, page closes....

    Forgot to mention before that another Safari issue is that sometimes pages look 'grayed out' or washed out, ie, very light faded text color....can fix by reloading webpage, seems odd that it does this....

    Any thoughts?

    Should I bring in iPad to Apple Store? have AppleCare for this iPad....
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    Jun 30, 2010
    First, create a backup with either iCloud or iTunes. Whatever you normally backup to.

    Once that is done, restore the iPad from Settings>General>Reset>Erase All Content and Settings. Once that is done, try adding your Mail account back and do some regular browsing. If the problem(s) seems fixed, just re-add your apps and use it as normal. If not, take it to Apple and let them know you tried a fresh install and the problem still persisted.
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    Thank you for your helpful suggestions....

    Will give that a try....

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