Ipad email printing.

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    Jun 2, 2016
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    I have an epson SX445W which I had when was using android.

    I had the epson app for printing in android and was able to print from gmail.

    Now we have iphone and ipad.

    My fiancee can print items stored on the ipad using epson iprint.
    But she cannot print from gmail.

    She tried to print an email but only way was with a cloud printer but this means she also has to turn on the windows laptop to print.

    If so then just print from windows laptop.

    Is this an epson problem?
    The epson is wifi and works well in my imac and macbook on wifi but not ios!

    Cannot work out why android supports this printer but not ios.

    Can anyone help?

    also samsung 410w laser is same.

    Can these be made airprint with adaptor?

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