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Discussion in 'iPad' started by Macman74, Jan 15, 2011.

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    Mar 15, 2010
    Hey guys,

    Having an issue with my iPad (64 Gb WiFi/3G - AT&T). I was online today (WiFi) and noticed "Searching" where the nornal 3G indicator usually resides. I didn't think much of it and just kept surfing. After searching for what I was looking for, I put it on the charger and took a nap. After waking up, it was still "Searching" so I did a shutdown (Holding home button with Sleep/Wake button). After restarting I get the "Connect to iTunes" prompt. No big deal right? Wrong. I couldn't get my PC to recognize iPad so I found out how to get it in "Recovery Mode" and tried a system restore. All good right? Not so fast. Unable to restore iPad unexpexted error 1013. I Googled the error and came up with this:

    1. Go to your “Applications” folder
    2. Go to your “Utilities” folder
    3. Launch “Terminal”
    4. Type “sudo nano /etc/hosts” (without quotes) and hit return
    5. Enter your password
    6. Use the down arrow key to find the “gs.apple.com” entries. Once the cursor is in front, make sure you comment out the line(s) by entering “#” (no quotes) in front of the text
    7. Save the file by pressing CONTROL+O on the keyboard
    8. Exit the nano editor by pressing CONTROL+X on the keyboard
    9. Restore your iDevice

    Step 1. Start –> Programs –> Accessories
    Step 2. Run Notepad or WordPad
    Step 3. Click “Open..” from File menu.
    Step 4. Browse to Windows/System32/drivers/etc
    Step 5. In "files of type:" select all documents
    Step 6. Open "hosts"
    Step 7. Delete all line that has "gs.apple.com" or something like that
    Step 8. Hit Save
    Step 9. Restore your device

    All good right? Again; Fail! I don't have any entries in the host file that match the gs.apple.com website. So here I am with my brick of an iPad. Anyone out there care to talk me out of a "This is a hardware issue" theory (For the record, YES. I did try to restore the iPad from recovery mode on a different laptop with a functional version of iTunes)?

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!!!!!

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