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May 15, 2012
Here's what I have and what I want to do: Ipad first generation, 16gb wifi, 4.3.3, JB and using Displayout to "mirror" using the official AV adapter to HDMI going to a projector.
The problem is that my Ipad displays a message about the adapter not supported. Is there a way to get around this? I already did a hard reset with the adapter connected (a friend suggested this, but no luck).
I've seen videos of first gen Ipads mirroring using this same adapter so I have no clue what I am missing! I tested the cable using the iphone 4s and it works perfect, so that rules out defective cables/adapter. If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it.
Thanks in advance.


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Aug 8, 2010
Didn't the AV to HDMI adapter come available after iOS 5.0?

Isn't displayout only compatible with AV to VGA adapter? That was what I used when I had the first gen iPad.
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