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Discussion in 'iPad' started by sflomenb, Jul 15, 2013.

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    I've had an iPhone 4S (going to upgrade to new one in fall) and recently got the new MacBook Air (top model, best specs, etc). I'm all set for college. Or so I thought. I found a wonderful iPad app called SoundNote, which is a great note taking app. This would really help for class. How is the iPad for a college student? I already have a MacBook Air, so I think the iPad would be used primarily for note taking with the app. If I do get an iPad, I'm leaning toward the iPad with Retina Display, bigger screen would be easier for taking notes and drawing pictures. Thoughts/suggestions?

    I'm a Computer Science major, if that helps.
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    Definitely get a good keyboard with it. And by good, I mean GOOD. I have a cheap keyboard that I originally bought for my Mini and it's awful in comparison with the Logitech Ultrathin Mini. Harder to recognize my keystrokes and whatnot.

    The iPad is good, because it's easy to carry around. I mean, I use a Mini which is great for travel, but the full size one is as well. And on the topic of Note-Taking apps, OneNote became pretty darn great after it's recent update.
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    I'm a CS major and I have an air, iPhone, and iPad mini. For typing up notes, the mini is perfect and it's easier/lighter to carry around than the air. For handwritten notes, I'm still in the process of finding a good enough stylus to replace pen and paper.

    I mainly use the air for longer homework assignments and compiling code while I use the mini for writing short amounts of code (with Textastic), emails, note taking, general web browsing, etc.

    EDIT: Also, I can usually find pdf version of my text books online and I put them on my mini instead of carrying around actual textbooks.
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    I'm a big fan of the Wacom Bamboo Stylus duo. It's a little pricey but the combo of stylus and their paper app is the only combo I've found where I can actually read my own handwriting on the iPad. Plus, it has a really nice pen on the other side.
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    I already got a new rMBP 3 months ago and got iPad 2 last year and am preparing to upgrade my iPhone 4s to 5S this fall when my contract is up. :) I was supposed to get ready for training this year but I doubt it. Anyway I think iPad 5 if it comes out this fall might be worth to look at. :apple:

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