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Antony Abdelmalak

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Oct 29, 2020
I will study data science for 3-year bachelor so thinking of having an iPad
for coding and reading and writing notes
I have a Samsung note 20 as a mobile but not good at reading
so which iPad should have or go for the Samsung tab as will connected with mobile
is coding work will in iPad


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May 18, 2021
You can use Juno apps on iPad if you want to use Jupyter Notebooks. Google Colab works in the browser fine.

If you’re wanting more advanced IDEs then you would need to look at a virtual desktop solution with using your iPad as a client. Some people use a Raspberry Pi as a server and access it with their iPad.


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Apr 3, 2012
iPad is very good for reading and taking notes. You can also consider use MarginNotes or LiquidText for note taking all your books and papers. Their features are much richer than basic pdf reader. For writing (I use Word 365 and Mellel), the experience is still limited compared to its Mac version. For coding, better forget the iPad and use Mac or PC/laptop for that.
I would suggest not to use only 1 device (iPad only or Mac/PC only). It’s sleek but too idealistic. iPad is still very limited for now - maybe until next 5 years. But iPad has strong edge for reading and taking notes which are far less comfortable on Mac/Macbook/laptop/PC.
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Nov 17, 2008
The iPad isn't really made for coding. It's a world of pain, and you won't be doing yourself a favor.
It’s fine if you want to use a Vim like design. Or if you code logged into an online shell. There is a reasonably good git app in Working Copy. If you code in Python, Lua, or JavaScript there are good IDEs. The biggest limitation is not having a native Unix shell. You can emulate one with iSH or again use something like Blink to either work locally in the sandbox or online.

Trying to do professional programming where you don’t always control what tools are required is more problematic.
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