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May 19, 2004
Wordpress users out there? Until now on Ipads Wordpress.org editing via the dashboard was unpleasant due to limitations of mobile browser. Especially Gutenberg was partially unusable. Block covered by previous block on Iphone.

New Ipad OS promises desktop-like browser. Has anyone tested the functionality of editing Wordpress in the new Ipad OS? And would it be different on non Safari browsers?

Space reasons prevent me from getting a new Imac when mine breaks.

Am considering IPad vs other tablets. Do not want to use apps but full browser dashboard.

Anyone have good or bad experiences with Ipad Pro, Microsoft Surface Pro 6 or 7, or Android hardware?

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Daniel James

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Sep 24, 2019
I edited a WordPress website on my iPad mini and haven't had any issues with it, although the site I use makes use of the Classic Editor, so I'm not sure about Gutenberg but if that is proving hard, I hear the WordPress for iOS app works well with the new editor.