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Discussion in 'iPad' started by Aristor, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. Aristor macrumors member

    hello, I am a pretty hardcore gamer, but I am looking for something to do while on the go as my job requires me to travel a lot. About 2-3 years ago I tried getting a laptop to play PC games while on the go, but the battery only lasts like 4 hours, and the laptop was a little heavy to carry around everywhere. I thought about getting a hanheld like a nintendo ds, but all of the games seemed childish. So that leads me to an ipad. I was looking at the app store, and it seemed pretty full of content, and the games looked pretty good graphically. Can any ipad gamers out there tell me how well the system works for games, (Graphics, controls, gameplay, ect) also should if I do decide on an ipad, should I buy the ipad 2, or wait until april for the ipad 3? I have heard the ipad 3 will have something called a retina display, what exactly is that? Alright, thanks in advance for the help.
  2. takeshi74 macrumors 601

    Feb 9, 2011
    There's a bit of subjective preference to all your questions. Try one out and see for yourself.

    If you really don't know then Google it.
  3. redscull macrumors 6502a


    Jul 1, 2010
    There are plenty of fun games, but I really don't think they compare to what a hardcore console or PC gamer is used to playing. They are, for the most part, mobile games, designed to be played in shorter bursts and typically without quite as much depth. There are some really good ones, don't get me wrong, and the iPad is a great travel companion. But I wouldn't call it a true gaming machine. Touch controls, for one thing, don't lend themselves to traditional game designs. And the games which are re-invisioned for touch haven't really "gone big" yet. Not in my opinion.
  4. MacSketcher macrumors newbie

    Oct 11, 2011
    Not to poke but I find these 2 statements a little contradictory. If by hardcore gamer you mean you only play big release games/FPS then I can see why you might ignore the DS. However, if by hardcore gamer you mean you just REALLY like video games...then I'd STRONGLY suggest you take another look at the DS...it really has some awesome games out for it that you might be surprised by...also it's like 1/3 of the price of an iPad!
  5. Aristor, Dec 13, 2011
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    Aristor thread starter macrumors member

    By hardcore I mean I like to sink serious time into good games, I will play any game with great gameplay, and am a huge fan of indie games. I have already beat OoT & Star Fox 64 (back on the N64) , so 2 of the biggest games for 3 DS are gone for me ( also, pokemon is just kind of meh to me)
  6. MacSketcher macrumors newbie

    Oct 11, 2011
    hahaha if you have a 3DS then why would you need to buy a DS...other than the abysmal battery life of the 3DS (i have one as well)?

    But, back to your topic, I don't have an iPad (yet, waiting for the 3!) but just from how I use my iPhone, I don't think you should come to an iOS device looking for a good hardcore gaming experience, while iOS does have some good games...none of them are really meant for the type of experience you get on a console or a dedicated handheld (not even the big games like Infinity Blade). This might change in the next few years, just by looking at the direction that the game industry seems to be heading, but as for right now i don't think a purchase of an iPad only for gaming is enough to warrant a buy.

    Instead, I would maybe approach an iPad purchase more as...'what can i do with this $500+ device that I CAN'T do with a handheld gaming device?' It's those extra non-gaming features (media, writing, presentations, drawing apps) that are the main reason i'm looking forward to buying my own iPad (hopefully in feb or march).

    But if you're looking for some good portable experiences...i'd maybe look into the DS library some more, what kind of games you into? maybe I can recommend some you'd like.
  7. aleni macrumors 68020

    Jun 2, 2006
    i have an iPhone 4S and iPad 2. while the iPad's screen is big and nice to play games with, i prefer to play games on my iPhone 4S because your fingers handle games better on the smaller iPhone.

    especially FPS games like Modern Combat series and 3rd person view games like Gangstar Series. it's much better to handle the control in the smaller iPhone. i even prefer to play PES2012 and FIFA 12 in my iPhone because it's easier to hold.

    games like Real Racing 2, and Zynga Poker works better on the iPad 2 because of the bigger screen.

    battery on the iPhone isn't nice though, iPad 2 makes u not worrying too much about battery life while playing games on it..
  8. rocknblogger macrumors 68020


    Apr 2, 2011
    New Jersey
    I'm a pretty hard core gamer myself and Ido enjoy playing some fps games like Dead Space, Modern Combat and Brothers in Arms 2. But there are also a number of driving/racing games that are great too. The only thing that takes time getting used to is the touch controls. Once you get comfortable with that I think you'll enjoy them as much as I do.

    Also the iPad's battery life is awesome so you can play while away from home for hours. Not to mention all the other things you can do with an iPad makes it an excellent choice.
  9. Consultant macrumors G5


    Jun 27, 2007
  10. Aristor thread starter macrumors member

    I don't really like racers, but I love RPG's
  11. MBPnoob macrumors regular

    Sep 19, 2010
    Square Enix has many of their older titles on iOS (iPhone 4 at least).
    Final Fantasy 1
    Final Fantasy 2
    Final Fantasy 3
    Chrono Trigger
    Final Fantasy Tactics

    I have all these games on iPhone 4 and they are great. I look forward to getting my iPad 2 on Christmas!:apple:
  12. Signor S. macrumors member

    Aug 29, 2011
    If you are looking into buying the iPad for gaming I would recommend the website: toucharcade.com. They give reviews on almost any game on iOS, big and small. If you are looking into some "hardcore" games for the iPad, I would look into games developed by EA and Gameloft. They both release console quality games specifically for the iPad.

    I will say that if you are going to buy an iPad for gaming, than you might want to wait for the iPad 3 which is rumored to have a faster processor and better graphics, otherwise get the iPad 2.
  13. Aristor thread starter macrumors member

    Ok, sounds great, out of curiosity, what is a retina display? I tried "googling" it, but all it seemed to be was a buzz word for the iphone. What is the difference between a regular screen and a retina display?
  14. apikoros, Dec 14, 2011
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    apikoros macrumors newbie

    Jul 22, 2002
    A "retina" display has more pixels per square inch, hence is sharper, more vivid. In other words, a much-better-than-"regular" screen. The iPhone 4S has a retina display. Look at a typical Android phone's display, or even Apple's iPhone 3GS display, then look at the 4S, and you'll understand right away what "retina" means. (Jobs essentially coined the term by saying that the display contains more pixels per square inch than the human retina can discriminate at a distance of 12 inches.)
  15. churchrd macrumors member

    Oct 1, 2008
    There are a ton of RPG's in the app store. Some of them very highly regarded. I don't play many of them. I have a iPhone that I love to play games on. I'm a console gamer, but have found quite a few good iOS games that you can sink some major time into. There are a few games, that are pretty close to offering a console like experience. Racing genre works really well on iOS device(Real Racing 2 is AWESOME). Fight Night Champion offers a pretty deep boxing experience with cool controls for touch. The Spider Man game was a great classic action beat-em-up.

    There are a lot of fun games that can't be compared to console games. The touch screen just gives a whole different experience than traditional pc or console games.

    iPad's are great time wasters, whether it be games or other apps.
    Maybe just try an iPod touch to see how it is. You'll get hooked.
  16. OmegaTreeFish, Dec 16, 2011
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    OmegaTreeFish macrumors newbie

    Dec 16, 2011
    Im a gamer my self and have been for years and years. I recently got into gaming on my iphone. I used to have a 3g and didnt really bother with it apart from the usual angry birds and plants V zombies. Both great games but not really a hardcore gamers type of thing.

    However i looked into it a bit more after seeing what dead space was like and was then convinced I would like it a lot more than my dust covered DS. I have the exact same thoughts on it as you. I just find most the games a bit kiddy like for my taste.

    So when my update was due i got the iphone 4s and I was very very impressed with what games are out on it and how quickly the game market is growing on these devices. While a lot of the games arnt quite the same as your console and PC games they give a very nice similar experience. Its full of all types of games from all genres. Il go through some of the ones i have on my phone and give a little example of its style

    Arcade and shooter types

    Dead Space
    Awesome game. It keeps almost all the functions of its bigger brother and is actually a seperate story (a prequal to dead space 2). It has several difficulty settings and a survival mode to give addition play time. Its not the longest of games, about 3.5 - 5 hours, for the story on normal but its a great experience while you play it.

    Modern combat 3
    Basically call of duty modern warfare on your phone. Story isnt that long (again about 3-5 hours) but it has full online 12 player multiplayer that is almost the same as call of duty (lvl ups, gun unlocks perks, game modes etc etc)

    Inspired by gears of war. Amazing graphics, has a cover system and a nice story. Again its a bit short, like the previous 2 games, but the guys who made it are working on a multiplayer update for it apparently

    Grand theft auto chinatown wars
    Basically the same game as on the DS. If you dont mind the over head view its got hours and hours of content like any GTA game.

    Grand theft auto 3
    It only just came out and its god damn amazing. Its a perfect port of the original with higher rez graphics. everything from the original is in there and the controls actually work really well


    Final fantasy 3
    Its been ported from the DS version so its got 3d graphics. Its amazing. If you like final fantasy you will love it. Hours and hours of story and touch screen works amazing for it.

    Dungeon defenders
    Its a cross between a tower defence and a hack n slash RPG. Its hard to explain bit its really good fun and has amazing graphics. Its also 4 player co op

    Aralon HD
    An eldar scrolls inspired RPG. Its brilliant if you like that sort of thing. An open world... tons of quests.... mounts.... loverly graphics. Just look up a video of it on youtube. A must by in my opinion.

    Only just got this the other day but im loving it. Its an rpg that uses the old dungeons and dragons turn based dice rolling combat mechanic and it works great. Not sure how long it is though as i havnt finished it yet.

    Racing games

    Real racing 2
    About as close to gran tourismo as your gonna get on ya phone. Amazing stuff if you like realistic car games

    Sonic and saga all start racing
    Its mario kart but with sonic.... nuff said

    there are also so many more but i wont go into them all. From starfront (basically starcraft) to countless fun strategy and tower defence games.

    personally i think the ios gaming devices are the perfect portable gaming system for my tastes. If you like mario and zelda then you will want a ds but if you prefere the above sort of games i think you get a much better experience from an iphone or ipad.

    Im toying with the idea of an iPad my self but to be honest im pretty happy just playing them on a phone. Il see how I feel in the new year.

    As for the retina display, as someone else said its basically that you cant see the pixels. Its the next step above what marketing calls HD. Its over 300 pixels per inch and it makes games look amazingly crisp.

    The best bit of all is that these games for the most part are so cheap. Heck GTA 3 is only £2.99.

    Is it the same as playing on my xbox or PC?..... no..... but its really not that far off and you can spand hours at a time playing some of these games.

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