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    Me and my girlfriend both have iPads and now she's going away over the weekend so she wants some movies on her. I have a Mac with handbrake to convert and all but the thing I've heard is that if you hook your i-device to a Mac and iTunes, you can't do it with another without erasing your data. Since she's planning on getting a Macbook Air, she doesn't want her device too be linked to my computer. Is it true and is there some way to get around it? Or are you allowed to link it to, say, a couple of computers?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I'm not sure about iPads, but I think it works around the same - and I believe it has a lot to do with IOS7 because I don't think I was able to do this with IOS6. Anyway, I had my iPhone 5 linked to my dad's iMac for about a year. Recently, I bought my very own rMBP. I was scared to link it to my laptop in fear that I might lose everything, but then I backed up just in case and hooked my phone to my laptop. I then got a pop up message saying if I should trust this computer and I selected trust and from there, it was all set to go. I even synced something to it to make sure that it wouldn't delete everything, but it hasn't! So right now, I have my iPhone hooked to two computers and I haven't lost any data/pictures/music/etc.
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    Providing the iTunes account on her MacBook is signed in with the same account as her iPad then all is good.

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