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Discussion in 'iPad' started by iRACK, Jan 28, 2010.

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    Hi, did anybody see the following video from AllThings D

    (Link to Page with the Video: http://kara.allthingsd.com/20100128...arring-walt-mossberg-plus-a-steve-jobs-cameo/ )

    Mosberg is in the "Hands On" session after the Keynote pointing a Finger at El Jobso asking him about batterylife -> 145 Hours of Music Playback!. Reading just over 10 Hours.

    Jobs says "Our Chips hardly use any Power, its the Display" and he states that "battery life is not a Problem, 10 Hours are a really long time. You are going to plug it in. Who reads 10 Hours!"

    Mosberg also asks Jobs why anybody should by a book of iBooks for 14,99 if they can get it from Amazon (for the kindle) and Barns&Nobel (for the Nook) for only 9,99 ...
    Jobs said "That is not the case. Prices will be the SAME!"

    I think that stuff is some cool new info, giving some new outlines to the iPad, so i posted it here...

    PS: Ill be getting the 64GB+3G version to replace my MacBook. I am confident that there will be options like printing, file storage and so on implemented into 4.0 soon. And thee will be multitasking folks.
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    the fail in Steve's logic is similar to the fail of battery life on the iphone. The iPad is a much more media savvy device. People WON'T just read on the iPad - they'll do a lot more - and battery life will be less. Not to mention - Battery life is always much longer "reported" than in the field. Who among us gets what is spec'd out? I'd bet just about no one.

    And it's not a question of reading for 10 hours. If I go away for a week - it's damn nice to not have to bring another cord/charger. Just my .02 on Steve's spin.
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    Actually, I've gotten about 7hrs and 20 minutes out of my 13" MBP. My old MacBook (1st gen, Rev A) also lived up to the reported specs. It depends on how you use it, and Steves logic doesn't fail. He explains that the screen - not the processor - takes up the majority of the batterylife, so screen brightness will play a much larger role in what you can get out of it.

    Also, as he says: who is seriously away from a plug for 10 hours? Let alone 145 hours?

    Cool info btw, thanks OP ;)
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    My post from yesterday is first page news today.

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