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    hi. i think there is a thread already but it seemed to go in a different direction so i wanted to ask again....i just moved to minnesota into a house that already has a wifi network, its a three story house, and i'm in the basement....their wireless network would cut in and out a lot when i got all my stuff hooked up (ps3, ipad, iphone, mac book and i hadn't even gotten my xbox hooked up yet, but i would keep getting kicked off the internet and so on) so i went out today and got a router have it hooked up in the basement.....so now when i leave and carry my ipad with me or iphone and then come back it reconnects to the wireless network that cuts in and out...my wireless network isn't as strong upstairs so when i'm up i'd prefer to use theirs but when i come to my room i would prefer the devices to switch to my network. i know on the mac book there is a way to set up an order for it to connect, which i set up, but what about the ipad and iphone? anything to do besides forgetting the network upstairs? thanks so much!
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    so are you saying you want to use your wifi while downstairs, then have the iPad switch to the other wifi when you go upstairs?
    mmm...have the same issue when i wanna sit on the patio, but no I don't know of any way to have it switch automatically
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    You can't specify the order or priority on the iPad/iPhone unfortunately. And 'forgetting' the other network (and having to type in the password whenever you wanted to connect to it) will turn out to be a right royal pain in the bum.

    If I were you, I'd be looking at the router. As it's new, maybe return it/replace it with a higher spec version that may give you more coverage?


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