iPad/iPhone SDK - clever or a rushed mistake?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by tiptopp, Feb 24, 2010.

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    I am NOT a developer, and have no knowledge of how these things work, beyond what I read here, but I wonder whether Apple are being clever or a bit stupid around what they've put in the SDK...

    My logic is thus:
    a - iPad uses iPhone OS, but 3.2 is only available for use on iPad.
    b - the SDK for 3.2 includes stuff about video cameras, but there's clearly no camera on the demo iPads that anyone has seen so far, and no rumours (that I've seen) concerning the inclusion of one at the last minute.
    c - a new iPhone is expected in the summer, and certain companies have 'seen' iPhone OS4.0 being tested on and off the Apple campus.

    1 - were Apple planning to include a camera, and pulled it at the last minute, but too late to remove references to it in the SDK?
    2 - are they, in fact, going to include it in the shipped units in March/April, but either didn't have any working for the demo, or don't want developers creating apps for them now?
    3 - is it in fact in the SDK because the same base code is being used for iPhone OS4.0, which is well into pre-release testing, and includes a camera on the front for video calls?

    It may be that the majority of people don't read things like MR or other sites where these things are discussed, but there are several people in here (including me) who have said that they are reluctant to buy the first generation iPad when it looks so obvious that a significant piece of hardware is going to be added relatively soon afterwards. If that view was wider, Apple have shot themselves in the foot if 2 above isn't the case.

    Personally, although I'm desparately trying to justify an iPad to my better half (for her use, obviously!), I can't because of the absence of Flash (Facebook Scrabble is too important!). So I'm actually hoping that 3 is the truth (even if combined with either 1 or 2).

    What does anyone think?

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    Apr 22, 2005
    iPhone SDK 3.2 is a BETA. Betas always have incomplete/experimental parts to them. It's just that normally with pretty much any other product in the world either a) nobody cares about what's in the beta and/or b) the people using them actually honor the NDA that they agree to so you never hear about the details of it.

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