iPad is stuck in infinite 'boot up loop'. How do I reset?

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    I have a 3rd generation iPad that's a WiFi only model and the 64GB model.
    I have been using a version of iOS 7 on it for awhile and at times it would mysteriously reboot. I could be in the middle of using it or I could even not be using it at all and simply see it restart.
    With the release of iOS 8 I installed the new version hoping it may fix this issue. Sadly it got much worse. I was able to get into the device a few times but for the last 5-6 days I can't get into it. It simply is stuck into a constant reboot loop. It shows the Apple logo like it's restarting but it never fully restarts. It makes a sound like a beep and then begins restarting once again. This is a never ending loop. I even left it unplugged so that the battery would run down and then plugged it in again but that didn't help. I also read on Google how you can put it into restore mode by pressing the home button while connecting to the computer/iTunes but that also didn't help.
    I don't know if upgrading to iOS 8.0.2 will fix the problem. Probably not but I've never done a reset. The iPad was backed up about 2 weeks ago to iCloud so I'd like to get into it if possible to do a factory reset and wipe the device so that I can upgrade to iOS 8.0.2 and then reinstall all apps. Yet I don't know how to do this if I can't get into the device.
    I have tried the reset where I hold down the sleep/wake button the same time as the home button but that doesn't help. I also tried connecting it to iTunes to do a reset but it won't let me do anything with it unless I enter the passcode on the iPad and it never boots to the point of where I can do that. Also, I thought of doing a reset on iCloud (marking it as a lost iPad to do a reset) but I realize this will only work if it boots enough to get to iCloud.
    Unfortunately this is the one Apple device that I didn't get AppleCare on so there is not a warranty on it. I hope I'm able to somehow do a hard reset on it without booting it. That is my hope but if I have to take it into Apple would there be a charge for this?

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    If it's out of warranty then Apple wil likely charge you but if it close to the end of the warranty you could call an Apple Store and see what they say. You aren't able to get to any type of starting screen then? It just sits in a startup loop? If that's the case..... Doesn't sound good.

    Not sure what to tell ya.:(

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