iPad iPad Keeps crashing/restarting


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Jan 12, 2015
Hello im new here! :)
I have a Jailbroken Ipad 2
Evasion 7 I think

Ok here we go! My ipad runs fine then I saw a Game and Downloaded it then I saw that I have no space so I check the setting then I found that Facebook has 1.3 Gb then what i did is deleted it to install a new one Then after I deleted i waited for the game to finish after when I run it the Ipad Crash then Restart then the never ending restarting starts after the Apple Logo on the Home screen the Ipad Crash

Ok I dunno what happen but I Manually restart the ipad then I fell asleep after I woke up i saw that the ipad runs better again hmmm so I deleted the game and re install facebook after the Mid download the Ipad crash then the never ending restarting starts

I download a game then deleted facebook then Ipad crash
then the never ending restart starts

After the apple logo I can see the homescreen for about 2 second then the screen look glitchy then restart T.T what to do


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Nov 9, 2010
You may have file corruption on your iPad due to jailbreak.

Now your only option would be to do a fresh restore to iOS 8.1.2 and sacrifice some speed and smoothness of UI.
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