iPad Language selection


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Apr 3, 2010
He guys, as you will have great attention from abroad, could someone send a screenshot which language's are available for selection?

You will have eternal gratitude from everyone abroad..
I am hoping "dutch/nederlands" will be one of them.

I am asking this because next week i will be in new york picking up my ipad :)

Thank you!!!


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Apr 3, 2010
Found this response at the delivery thread:
Did you ever think to check the Tech Spec page on the iPad? Does anybody with Hardware/Software questions ever check there??

Language support for English, French, German, Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Russian
HOWEVER - does this mean there is no other international keyboards?


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May 11, 2008
is everything!
This is quite a bummer..

I'm constantly switching between English and Portuguese on my iphone, and I didn't even think to check the specs page to see if it was there. I figured since it was "iphone os" it had all the same languages built in as the iphone.

I'm so pissed. I can't answer half my email on the ipad without going into a rage because of the auto-correct. Yeah I know I could turn it off, but until i get completely used to the keyboard I need all the help I can get in english...

The worst part is if I set the localization to Brazil, it puts the day and date Portuguese, so I know it's in there!!

ugh.. WTF apple..