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    Mar 30, 2012
    ok. I been seeing all those news about how the new iPads are having problems so I decided to check mine.(mine's 3rd gen iPad)
    Went to the bathroom, turned off the light, opened up white image with iPad and iPhone 4. As for color wise, I did see a little different between iPad and iPhone 4. I felt like iPad's screen was little more darker.(aka yellow-tint i guess) Then tried to find any other flaws such as dead pixels. And I found these.


    Do you see them? there are 2 spots with light-bleeding. The photo was taken with iPhone 4 so quality is kinda bad but yeah. They are more noticible in real eyes. So I made an appointment with Genius bar at apple store and heading out soon.

    The reason I'm posting this here is to ask your opinions. Im sure you guys are more expert in Apple products so..
    anyway should I exchange for new one? is this reasonable for exchanging?
    and if so, how long does it usually take to exchange for new one? what if I have engravings?
    also do I get the new one or refurbished one?
    wow sorry for asking too many questions but Im just frustrating too much..

    Thanks in advance :]

    I pre-ordered the new iPad on March 7th at Apple store online. Just adding it if it makes anything different.

    shoot I think I made the thread in wrong section. just noticed that this is iPad hacks section lol
    please if any moderator sees this, move to the right secion. thanks :]
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    I've got em too - pretty normal dude.

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