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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by MacBill, Aug 28, 2011.

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    OK, so I'm a fan of live TV signals, meaning the broadcast signals you pick up locally. In case any of you haven't noticed, the TV Stations are adding channels at a rapid rate now that they have gone digital. (Many are in HD)
    In our small town, we have 9 channels where we had only 3 channels 2 years ago.
    I want to find an accessory to connect or an App to so I can watch over the air signals from ground towers, "not to be confused with internet accessible TV", with my iPad.
    I realize there isn't a digital TV Tuner in the iPad, but I can't help but think someone has made a tuner or App that will work with our iPad.
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    You could also set up a digital tuner in your home computer (assuming you have one), and stream that to your iPad. Takes the heavy lifting off your device. I have a setup at home (not slingbox) that I use a capture card to send cable channels across the net to my ipad (in "HD" as far as the ipad can do it). I know there are digital TV tuners that will do the same.
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    The Tizi is a very good Gadget and with the VGA-Adapter every TFT-Monitor change easy to a TV :):cool:

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