iPad lost all calendar events after update to IOS 7

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by paulfromhudds, Oct 30, 2013.

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    Hello, hope someone can help?

    I have three devices, iMac, iPhone and iPad. The mac and phone calendar's are sinc'd and the iPad for some reason is not. I am a photographer and recently run a campagn and produced a lot of business. I am out and about most of the time and when a booking came through, added the event to the calendar on the ipad as it was with me every day.

    I then got home one evening and had a message to upgrade to IOS 7, so i did.

    Once i had gone through my initial setup of the new operating system, went in to the calendar to find none of the events i had added that day were there. because i had been away when i was adding new events, the iPad had not been plugged in to the mac for back-up as the Mac was not with me.

    This is causing a real headache as all booking details/dates were in my calendar. As a result, if someone calls to book, i cannot confirm if i am free for that date. I can contact most people via email, but this looks very unprofessional.

    Everything worked fine until i updated to IOS 7.


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    Tell the people that your database is corrupted due to a failing software update, and you need to rebuild it. Ask for the information you were given- it will not seem unprofessional if you clarify that it's fault of "software"- (you don't even need to specify either calendar or iOS 7, "database" and "software issue" should be enough). Can't technically help you but as a customer I wouldn't then think you're unprofessional ;)
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    Thanks for that, think you're right, be upfront and should be fine.



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