iPad + MacMini vs Macbook Pro ?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by panamajack, Mar 17, 2010.

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    I'm considering my options for a (sniff!) replacement for my slowly dying 12" PB G4.

    Since buying an iPod touch / iPhone, I find my PB to be rather immobile, that is to say it usually stays on my desk and even when I take it out to say a coffee shop I tend default to just using my touch unless doing a lot of writing. I'm off in the Fall to do field work abroad, so I'm considering a setup that includes an iPad and a MacMini. Seems for around the same price as a 13" MBP I get a much more flexible setup. Sure I have to buy a monitor, but that seems to be worth the cost.

    Any thoughts ? I'm assuming here that the iPad will meet my needs while doing field work, which remains to be seen regarding how good the onscreen keyboard functions. The specs for the lowend mini & MBP appear identical, what am I losing ?
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    Depends on what do you need when using a portable. Is iTouch okay or would you like something more? iPad is great for web surfing and emailing but that's it, everything else is rather slow or not as nice as it would be with real computer.

    This question is up to you, if you think MPB is too big and heavy to carry around, iPad is better choice but it's very limited compared to MBP.
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    I really need to hold an iPad in my hands to see how it will do for data input, recording interviews, note taking etc. to tell .... but I can speak from experience that notebooks tend to stay in your computer bag and don't get used compared to a pen and pad .... or even a touch.

    I can't see the iPad being worse than the touch in terms of typing, and even so I'll be getting a wireless remote that will be able to work with either the MacMini or iPad.

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