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Discussion in 'iPad' started by Sverkel, Aug 4, 2014.

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    I have an iPad and a laptop with Outlook. When I open the mail application on my iPad and Outlook on my laptop, all mails on my iPad is shown as read even though they appear as unread in Outlook. My mail is set up as a POP3 server on both iPad and Outlook as described by my ISP.

    Why is that? When it's a POP server it retrieves the the mails down to each device that is on the server, and you should therefore think that all e-mails on both devices should be unread no matter if the other device is open or not.

    Can someone tell me whats wrong?
  2. iterva, Aug 6, 2014
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    iPad mail vs. Outlook

    POP is designed to be used with only 1 device (computer or tablet or phone etc) and is by many considered highly untrustworthy when a single account is used on multiple devices. When POP3 fetches emails it essentially "deletes" them from the service providers servers..

    IMAP is designed to work with multiple devices. I.e You read an email and it gets synced across devices that it has indeed been read. You move one email from lets say Inbox to a folder called Vacation, and that move will reflect on all devices.
    So switch over to IMAP and save yourself some headache.
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    One issue i've found while syncing with Outlook on my iPad/iPhone is that if I reply to an email on an iDevice, it doesn't update Outlook to show it was replied to. The email is in sent, but nothing as far as the notification on the original email.
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    Also because by default POP passes the authentication in clear text. This behavior can be diminished by communicating over SSL but it's not it's default
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    I use IMAP and Apple Mail on phone, ipad and laptop. They seem to synch okay, delete, read emails, etc.

    I dropped outlook some time ago due the massive overhead.

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