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Jan 12, 2008
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Someone had to do it. It's not too early to start talking about what the Mini should have been and what the iPad Micra SHALL BE... is it ? :D

So I sadly I'm obliged to paste in an old post in this regard with a promise to provide the iPad Mica road-map for your entertainment later on. Please feel free to input your suggestions .

In researching some screen shots of Nexus-7 for an ebook that I'm designing, I ran across a shocking diagram that portrays the various tablet dimensions and screen sizes.

This statement from me comes on the heels of the realization that the rumored iPad Mini may have a significantly larger outer dimension than current 7" screen tablets.
I truly hope Apple is NOT considering so large an iPad Mini for the reasons stated here.
If the rumored dimensions and overall size of the rumored upcoming iPad 'Mini' are true, then I have three words to describe this poor choice by Apple.
Functionality, usability and price-point aside, Apple would have missed a critical opportunity in gaining ground over Google's Nexus-7 for one simple reason. The nearly 10" diagonal OUTER dimension of the rumored iPad Mini will cause it to NOT fit in most coat pockets. That fact alone will cause a certain percentage of potential tablet customers, including myself, to avoid the iPad Mini, and to wait for a smaller outer dimension, or flee to the Nexus-7 in October
It would not be the first time that Apple has gotten the form-factor magic number wrong– in deference to technical features alone.
A viable Apple netbook has yet to emerge. It looks like the Nexus-7 with a BluTooth keyboard will strike the right chord, while Apple is obsessing over thinness and screen resolutions.
Certain end users need the appropriate form-factor for specific applications. Whereas the iphone is too small a screen for many fingers, and the iPad proper, too large an outer dimension for others; the Google Nexus-7 and other similarly sized tablets FIT perfectly into many coat inner and outer pockets, not to mention tiny satchels, some hands and the future iterations should play with other electronic devices, where the appropriate size/weight relationship matters.
Which begs the question.
What purpose would an iPad Mini that doesn't fit into a coat pocket, or that isn't practical to use as a wireless monitor serve?
The answer to that is that it will be the ideal iPad for children that will use the iPad Mini as training wheels for the iPad proper. They will of course be fine for carrying in most satchels and other small shoulder luggage, but they will NOT be useful for smaller bags or in any jacket other than special fit ones by companies such as ScottEvest®.
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