Ipad mini 1 inch strip of screen is white

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    Hi all, new to this site and was hoping some1 could help me. I recently stood on the bottom right corner of my mini. Ever since this the. Is a white strip down the right hand side of the screen (about an inch) if I tap the front or back of the area I stood on the white strip will flicker and sometimes go pixilated. Any help, or advice would be great!! I have a pic to show hit can't upload it at the min. Direct message me an I will send it to you
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    It's a hardware issue. You most likely damaged some of display internals when you stepped on it. It might be fixable but I haven't ever been inside an iPad, so I can't confirm that myself. I'm pretty sure that Apple won't cover / replace it under warranty so you might have to buy a new iPad. Sorry for being the bearer of bad news.
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    Thanks very much for your quick reply I thought it may be bad news but to be honest it's out of warranty anyway and hasn't been used for ages so I had nothing to loose and 'eventually' opened it up! Does anyone know of this is fixable? I was going to replace the lcd but if it goosed anyway I'd rather not spend the money an invest in a new one! Thanks again

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    The connector which attaches the display to the logic board is protected underneath a screwed-down metal plate. It's highly unlikely it came loose, meaning that odds are the LCD itself is indeed damaged.

    The LCD isn't easy to replace. It's easier than the digitiser (the touch-sensitive glass covering the LCD), but you still need to lift that digitiser from the frame of the iPad without cracking it (by using a heat source such as a hair dryer to melt the glue holding it in place - then carefully prising it out), bearing in mind that it's very thin and very very difficult to remove intact.

    Once that's out of the way, the LCD can be unscrewed and moved aside as well, granting access to the aforementioned metal plate. When that's removed, the LCD connector simply clicks out, and you can then start re-assembly.

    The battery connector is also under that plate. It is essential that you detach the battery before the LCD, and only re-attach an LCD if the battery is not already connected. Failure to do so will very likely blow a certain micro-fuse on the iPad's logic board, which is no fun to fix at all - the device won't work with any LCD if that bit's busted.

    Getting the glass to sit flatly back into place is easier said than done. If you allow any contaminants (eg dust) to settle into the glue, it's harder still. The replacement glue strips commonly for sale online (3M) tend to be utter rubbish compared to the original stuff, so you'll want to preserve it if you can.

    You will of course want to hunt down some videos stepping you through the exact process, but the above should give you some idea as to the level of skill required to fix it yourself.

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