iPad mini 2 damaged. LCD leaking?

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    been using my iPad mini2 for over a year with no problems. then the other day i pull it out of my pocket to discover all this black stuff leaking inside. i can even see cracks inside of it too. if i rub my ringer across the glass i can't feel anything. iPad still works fine. the leaking black stuff doesn't prevent me from touching and using iPad anywhere on screen. if i take a screenshot of something you don't see any of the black stuff.

    can this be repaired by replacing the screen and/or LCD?
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    it had to take a hit at some point, what you are seeing is the liquid in the Liquid Crystal Display. Since it's working otherwise, a new screen should put you back in business. but I would still have whoever replaces the screen to check deeper than that. you don't want to go through the repair if say the battery also shows damage.
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    Agree with thats all folks. It's prob the liquid from the screen.

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