All iPads iPad Mini 3 or Air 2?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by jdamiano, Nov 6, 2014.

  1. jdamiano macrumors member

    Sep 28, 2014
    I have an iPad 2 that I am very eager to replace. I use my girlfriends mini 2 a lot and it feels like a very comfortable size. I'm aware that the mini 3 still has the same internals as the mini 2 but I love Touch ID and I just like to have the latest and greatest. But I also don't want to give up any of that bigger tablet experience so that's where I think about spending the extra money and buying the Air 2. I use my tablet for Internet roaming as well as writing papers. What do you guys think?
  2. the-oz-man macrumors 6502


    Jun 24, 2009
    Going from my iPad 3 to the iPad Air 2 it feels a lot like I'm on a mini due to the reduced bezel size and the dramatic drop in weight. All that and I didn't give up in screen size. I'm very happy with this upgrade.
  3. Badrottie Suspended


    May 8, 2011
    Los Angeles
    Go for Air 2 cuz you can't give up Touch ID and bigger screen estates. :apple:
  4. RickTaylor macrumors 6502a

    Nov 9, 2013
    I have the iPad mini retina, and for me it's the perfect size. It just fits into my suit jacket pocket and goes everywhere with me.

    But the Air has a beautiful screen, and is already lighter and portable than the iPad 3. Unless you have a strong preference for the form factor of the mini (as I do), it may well be the better choice for you. If you can, I'd go to a store with some demo units and play with them a while.
  5. wrhd macrumors newbie

    Nov 2, 2014
    Go with the air 2, and for writing papers, you can't give up on that bigger screen.
  6. newellj macrumors 603

    Oct 15, 2014
    Boston, MA, US
    I have a retina Mini and an Air - I agree.
  7. saltd macrumors 6502a


    Aug 1, 2010
    The Air 2 is the current latest and greatest. Much stronger tablet, and it won't have the poor color gamut of the mini. No brainier-get the Air 2, the mini 3 is a stop gap and a very disappointing upgrade.
  8. scaredpoet macrumors 604


    Apr 6, 2007
    In your case, the iPad Air 2 is the best of both worlds, because you're getting a huge upgrade from your iPad 2, AND the slimmer bezel makes it seem smaller. It's way lighter than the iPad 2 as well.

    I just recently did a presentation/demo for work on a work-issued iPad 2 (didn't want a whole bunch of people manhandling my personal iPad, so I took whatever they were giving), and the difference between it and my Air 2 is really noticeable. It'll feel like and iPad mini to you, but will still have the same effective screen size. And of course, the retina display will look so much clearer.

    And this is putting aside all of the performance differences with the new processor and everything, which is also a huge plus.

    So, my vote is for the Air 2.
  9. Beelzbub macrumors 6502

    Feb 6, 2012
    Picked up my Mini 3 today, coming from an iPad 2, loving it.
  10. rgarjr macrumors 603


    Apr 2, 2009
    Southern California
    Nice. Which one did u get
  11. Beelzbub macrumors 6502

    Feb 6, 2012
    Space Gray, 128 GB with LTE.

    This thing is really cool. The display is really crisp and clear.
  12. Alex225 macrumors regular

    Nov 2, 2012
    I'd say the only thing that would determine that choice for me is the price.

    If you can afford/willing to spend, the Air 2 then it's a no brainer, it's quicker and has more longevity. It's light and smaller overall than the earlier models.

    If you didn't want to spend that much then if it was me I'd opt for the Mini 2 and save even more money. As we know the Mini 2 and 3 are the same tech just one with a Touch ID option so you're as good off with the 2.

    Just my opinion but between the two, I'd take the Air 2. :D

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