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Mar 29, 2019
Has anyone else received the new iPad Mini 5 and had a problem with Touch ID? I got my new device on Wednesday. Set it up, tried to purchase an album from the iTunes store. Touch ID didn't work. I had to put in my password. Did a whole bunch of stuff, erase new iPad, etc. Chatted with support. They couldn't figure it out either. They sent me to my local Apple retailer; they couldn't figure out what was going on either. So they gave me a new iPad 5.

Took it home, set it up. Same problem. On the phone last night with 3 support persons. It has now been escalated because evidently this problem has been reported and the engineers are aware of it. I am waiting for a call back from some high up tech person this morning.

Touch ID on the iPad works, I just can't use it to purchase from the store. A box has popped up periodically on the iPad which says "there was a problem setting up biometric authentication on this device. Try again later."

Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this on new iPad Mini 5?


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Nov 30, 2015
Check the itunes/app store settings to see if it requires a password for all purchases. I highly doubt it's the hardware, so that wasn't necessary to get it replaced.


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Sep 5, 2013
Oregon, USA
Make sure it’s not software

Back up the device
Setup as new
Skip all the options
Go directly to touch id
Set up apple id

If it works now, it’s something in your restored configuration
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