iPad mini, all of a sudden 51 Dead Pixels

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    Aug 7, 2013
    Hello everybody,

    1 week ago i bought an iPad mini in Black/Slate 16 GB Wifi in South Africa, i was there for Work/2DaysVacation. So the first week, everything went fine, but today i noticed something strange. I was browsing Reddit when i saw on the right side of the Screen, located in the middle Part, 52 Dead Pixels. :( It looks like they're placed like a pattern. i handled the ipad with care and did not harm it nor dropped it. Also there is a Smartcover for Protection.

    Here are some Pictures, made with an iPhone 4. Not the best Quality, sorry folks.
    And sorry for my English, i'am German.

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    The iPad will be covered under warranty. You should be able to contact Apple support and they will issue a new device.

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